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DAY 4 - 08.08.2021

DAY 2 - 06.08.2021

DAY 1 - 05.08.2021

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Polish Championships in Pair in Horses carriage driving.

Pair of horses is a show of beauty and cooperation. It is accompanied by completely different emotions than jumping competitions.

In 2019 we organized the Polish Championships in carriage driving for the third time. At the shows you can meet extremely interesting people and get to know people with a similar passion. Many friendships have been made at these and the previous shows organized at Lando.

A two-day regional and friendly event in jumping over obstacles

Jumping over obstacles always raises a lot of emotions. We met for the third time in this formula!

Obstacle jumping is a great effort for both the horses and the riders. The audience takes over the emotions from the track and you can feel it walking among the people.

✪✪ National show jumping competition

The first event of this type in Silesia in years is one of the most important events in our history.

The high level of the All-Polish Competition always attracts crowds of horse-riding fans, but also many people who want to see jumping over obstacles at the highest level.