Boarding house for horses


Enjoy your horse boarding house in the Lando Equestrian Centre.

Enjoy your horse boarding house in the Lando Equestrian Centre. Use the offer of boarding for horses in one of the most modern stables in Poland.

The staff taking care of horses in the boarding house is composed of educated zoo-technicians and experienced horse caretakers. They provide professional care for animals, looking after their daily needs, maintaining good living conditions and watching over their health. If necessary, we
also provide advice on nutrition.

We employ people with passion, who love animals and have the knowledge needed to care for horses at the highest possible level.

Lando equestrian centre offers:

  • Two professionally prepared outdoor arenas measuring 40x60m and 110x55m of the finest
    standards and ground in the “Ebbe und flut” system.
  • A large indoor riding hall with dimensions of 100x30m as well as an indoor lungeing ring and a modern indoor horse exerciser by Rowen&Rubb with a capacity of 10 places.

These venues provide space for regular exercise at the highest level. We have a set of jumping obstacles, infrastructure for carriage driving and dressage,
which can be used during training.
Our large and spacious stable is equipped with hot and cold water washers as well as a solarium allowing the horse to dry faster after bathing or training.

The entire centre has been designed to provide a versatile development for horses, training
opportunities, but also space for both relaxation and rest.

Horses boarded in our stable are regularly taken out to their quarters and pastures, as well as to
an indoor paddock. Individual grassy and sand paddocks as well as grassy pastures for herds are

They are fed 3 times a day according to the owner’s instructions. We have solid or crushed
oats available. Before each complete meal, the horses are fed with coarse fodder – high quality hay. The boxes are strewn with clean straw daily.

For horse owners we provide:

  • A heated changing room with toilet and shower to use after a hard training session.
  • We also offer two separate toilets, five spacious heated tack rooms with sink and hangers for
  • A comfortable equipment crate is provided for each horse owner.

All premises are kept clean for the comfort of our

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or wish to make use of our facilities:

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