The Lando equestrian center has 25 hectares of picturesque areas. Both its large area and the surroundings of beautiful nature support practicing horse-riding.

The center was built in accordance with the highest European standards in 2016. There is a horse’s pension with well developed infrastructure as a part of the center. For all club members are available spacious stalls, modern washes both outdoor and indoor, a solarium, a professionally prepared roofed and soft grounded horsewalker as well as a horse lunging.

Above all, there are two large and modern squares with quartz groundwork in the system of “Ebbe and Flut” .The dimensions are respectively: 110x55m and 60x40m. There is also heated hall with dimensions of 100x30m with quartz groundwork made in the “Ebbe and Flut” system.

The undeniable advantage and our extra focus were put on the center’s social facilities, which include spacious saddles, locker rooms and showers.

The equestrian center is open seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 10 p.m.


  • Śląsko-opolski Związek Hodowców Koni
  • Garden Bruk
  • Indyk Śląsk


Ośrodek Jeździecki Lando
ul. Pod lasem 11
42-674 Ptakowice
GPS: 50°25’03.5″N 18°48’02.4″E
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